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University La Sapienza

Policlinico Umberto I

Group STEP
Open group for the Study of Liver and Pancreas Pathology

Nutrition Section

Head: Prof. Gianfranco Cappello

Questa sezione mette a vostra disposizione l'esperienza del Servizio di Nutrizione Clinica del Dipartimento -Paride Stefanini- che in 27 anni di attivitÓ ha trattato pi¨ di 6000 pazienti, tra pazienti ospedalizzati e pazienti domiciliari.

To access the service you must contact the secretary who is active every weekday from 8.30 to 19.30 hours (including Saturday): tel.

  • 06-4452691
  • 06-49970499
  • 06-49972443
  • 333-2758590 (emergency only)

Many patients do not die of their disease, die of malnutrition. Can be saved by artificial feeding, a new treatment is very easy and secure.

Should be treated with artificial feeding:

  • patients who will not eat
    (anorexia nervosa, cancer cachexia, anorexia of the elderly)
  • patients who can not eat
    for cancers of the head and neck
    for neurological diseases (stroke, ALS, Parkinson's)
    for intestinal obstruction (abdominal carcinomas, pseudoobstruzione)
  • patients should not eat
    for fistulas, short bowel or malabsorption
    for Crohn's disease
Patient after 3 months of artificial feeding

The Nutrition Section is useful for patients with dietary problems or malnutrition.

The treatment protocols are highly effective: patients who have recovered 10 kg weight increase per month.

In the menu on the left all the specific performance of the Service.

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