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You reached the middle of the forest
after walking a long time
and dark season ended
grass leaves revived.
You come from a red cove
and go towards your ganesh
playing puss in the corner
tile thrown on water surface
modeled by your lovers.
Without believing more to change
what is left always equal.
You are not there, transparent
the vampire and the mirror
tired to watch, to wait for
you seek only your ganesh.
I am sure you will find it
like the mushrooms in the underbrush
when you amused yourself behind it
imaginary patron
a god who taught you
how to stay on the path
exploring little by little.
Perhaps it was the oak, the juniper
the most similar shape
a green, energetic
God never disappeared from his forest.
You can seek him still
when there is not the thunderstorm
because it is dangerous close there
even for the favorite son.
Like others before
you would be hit to death
by his jerks of mood
quickly buried in the rotten part.
From beyond you would have nostalgia
of the Against Nature walks
the green god of your existence.